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Herald pedagogiki. Nauka i Praktyka

Current Issue

Vol. 4 No. 3 (2024)
Published May 4, 2024

Herald pedagogiki. Nauka i Praktyka (HP)
ISSN 2450-8160
DOI JOURNAL 10.52325/2450-8160 impact factor search 7 
publishes outstanding educational research from a wide range of conceptual, theoretical, and empirical traditions. Diverse perspectives, critiques, and theories related to pedagogy – broadly conceptualized as intentional and political teaching and learning across many spaces, disciplines, and discourses – are welcome, from authors seeking a critical, international audience for their work. All manuscripts of sufficient complexity and rigor will be given a full review. In particular, HP seeks to publish scholarship that is critical of oppressive systems and the ways in which traditional and/or “commonsensical” pedagogical practices function to reproduce oppressive conditions and outcomes. Scholarships focused on macro, micro and meso level educational phenomena are welcome. JoP encourages authors to analyze and create alternative spaces within which such phenomena impact on and influence pedagogical practice in many different ways, from classrooms to forms of public pedagogy, and the myriad spaces in between. Manuscripts should be written for a broad, diverse, international audience of either researcher and/or practitioners. Accepted manuscripts will be available free to the public through HPs open-access policies, as well as we planned to index our journal in Elsevier's Scopus indexing service, ERIC, and others.

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